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Image:PTForsyth.jpg|thumb|right|200px|P. T. Forsyth. '''Peter Taylor Forsyth''', also known as '''P. T. Forsyth''', (1848–1921) was a Scottish theologian. The son of a postman, Forsyth studied at the University of Aberdeen and then in University of Göttingen|Göttingen (under Albrecht Ritschl). He was ordained into the Congregational church|Congregational Minister of religion|ministry and served churches as pastor at Bradford, Manchester, Leicester and Cambridge, before becoming Principal of Hackney Academy (later Hackney College)|Hackney College, London (later subsumed into the University of London) in 1901. An early interest in critical theology made him suspect to some more 'orthodox' Christians. However, he increasingly came to the conclusion that Liberal Christianity|liberal theology failed to account adequately for the moral problem of the guilty conscience. This led him to a moral crisis...
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